The Final Speech (Original Mix)
Thomas Jack ft. Adrian Symes

20 year old Australian wunderkind Thomas Jack has just gifted us with an electronic track sounding more mature and instrumentally textured than his age would suggest, with “The Final Speech” featuring sax player Adrian Symes. It is a melodically driven effort beginning with a laid back, and slowed up four-to-the-floor drum pattern, before a lovely piano and Symes’ subdued alto saxophone carries “The Final Speech” through a building break and vocal snippet, before shedding a layer and ratcheting up the sexiness tenfold for the second half of the composition. Bolstering “The Final Speech” are a few house and garage elements; and while the song is better as listening music than dance, there is no doubt that if this one found its way onto a floor there would no doubt be more than a few bystanders hypnotically swaying away to the beat. Thomas Jack has a sound and taste which seems like a perfect fit for the current wave of young electronic producers, and like most of them, he is giving away music for the price of… on the house. So listen above to Thomas Jack’s “The Final Speech” and grab a free download while you’re at it.

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