Fly Down

The current age of music is truly remarkable. An artist can independently release their work, instantly take the world by storm, transforming a hopeful musician armed with only a Soundcloud profile, and their music, into an internationally recognized persona. That quick rise to recognition often comes before an artist is prepared for it, which leads to painfully long hiatuses for those newly-developed fans. Stephen is a shining example of that, as he returns from a three-year break from the world of music.

We don’t know the specific reason why Stephen took a break, but what we do know is – he’s back. About a month ago, he dropped “Remembering Myself” onto a group of unsuspecting fans and bloggers alike, which ultimately saw over seven hundred thousand plays. Shortly after that, “Fly Down” was released, which only took one listen for us to drop everything and get a post written.

This is the second preview from his upcoming album, and it’s quite the spectacle of the passion and drive . Inventive production? Absolutely. Painfully beautiful vocals that carry a raw and real message? Definitely. Gorgeous piano work? You betcha. It’s simply captivating and thought-provoking, carrying listeners on a three-minute thrill ride.

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