Super Duper

Coming from the depths of Soundcloud to gain a respectable fan base is an insurmountable challenge for most producers. While all it takes is a single breakthrough production, it also requires a mix of luck and self-promotion in order to make waves and take off. This path to success has been replicated by the likes of Ryn Weaver, Khai, and Bryson Tiller. While it isn’t exactly a hotbed for electronic producers, Nashville-based producer Super Duper has made a big splash this week with his lone release, titled “Angela”.

With just under 4,000 followers, expect that number to grow exponentially once “Angela” makes its way around the blogosphere and receives a deserving amount of love from fellow artists’ via reposts. Thriving without the additional boost provided by a lead vocalist, “Angela” is a short, sweet instrumental masterpiece. Using a similar sound structure to popular works by Odesza, Super Duper manages to craft an uplifting tune that leaves listeners wanting more.

Speaking of wanting more, the Ninja team will be following along with Super Duper on his journey this summer as he unleashes his talents. “Angela” is available for download via Warner Bros. Records; stay tuned by following his Soundcloud page, or get “Angela” over on iTunes.

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