Wake the Wild
Body Language

The three piece electronic band Wake the Wild are readying a new phase in their lives. With it comes their original single “Body Language” that shows off their crossover sound, one that blends retro sounds together with new wave popular styles.

“Body Language” is a poppy hit whose recognizable sound is akin to styles you’d hear in the 70’s and 80’s. It pays homage to those who came before Wake the Wild, while also takes those sounds a step further and infuses them with some more modern textures. This funky, fresh tune is a must listen.

Body Language is about an electric encounter on the dance floor. A lot can be said without words. Embracing our love for retro dance music, we were inspired by artists ranging from Michael Jackson and Mark Morrison to Disclosure and Kaytranada. This song is the start of a chapter for Wake The Wild.
– Wake The Wild

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