Sound Remedy
Wasting My Young Years (Sound Remedy Remix)

“Maybe I’m wasting my young years…”

The tantalizing and thoughtful lyrics of London Grammar’s lead vocalist Hannah come rushing out at :14 of Sound Remedy’s remix of LG’s “Wasting My young Years”. Such a beautiful song originally, Sound Remedy takes the song to a different level of music, adding in strong violins to begin the song followed by soothing piano and finally, drums to electronic melodies to elevate the track. The lyrics of this song touch on what many people wonder, are we just wasting our young lives doing what we have always done or is it the fear that keeps us going back to what we know and what is safe? Sound Remedy uses his electronic beats to turn this song into an almost adventure, leading the listener from questioning to dancing back to questioning the waste of young years. It is not many times that I use beautiful to describe an electronic piece, but Sound Remedy truly finds the beauty in this remix, playing to the feeling and lyrics of the song with a vengeance.

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