What I love most about Teen Daze is that he is consistently putting out great remixes like its second nature. His remix of Japandroids‘ “Wet Hair” is a perfect example of this.

The grungy sound of the garage rock original almost sounds like the name of the band who created it- huge, clanky, Japandroids destroying Tokyo while they try to write a love song. It’s lo fi and catchy, but Teen Daze really cleans it up by taking that fuzzy lead guitar and chopping the part and letting the vocals fill out the background.

Like Inception, he plants the repetitive vocal idea in your head to make the track memorable. That’s where the Inception analogy ends, though, so of you wake up and in a plane with Leonardo DiCaprio it’s just a coincidence… Right?

Japandroids- Wet Hair (Teen Daze Remix)

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