Just when you thought chill was over, here comes Kouta with ‘Sakura’, an epic collection of shuffling, glitchy beats that has just revitalised the genre. Half-Japanese, and based in San Francisco by way of Hawaii, Kouta, AKA Luca Young, has some incredible talent for gently tropical electro. ‘Sakura’ is stuffed with gorgeous twinkly synths that build on the atmospheric nothingness of the beginning, before expanding it into a dancey, yet relaxing track. Guaranteed to be on everyone’s summer playlists, ‘Sakura’ will help Kouta make his mark on 2011. ‘Sakura’ features on the ‘Orinda’ EP, available now via bandcamp.com.

Kouta – Sakura


Kouta – Xanax


[via Dailybeatz]

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