Adrift feat. Kathrin deBoer

We had the chance to review Max Cooper’ last EP back in October, which was some of the more unique and layered electronic music we had the chance to wrap our heads around, and his latest single “Adrift” again has our attention. Featuring the complimentary jazz house vocal stylings of Kathrin deBoer alongside Max Cooper’s carefully crafted delicate percussion and plucking synths, “Adrift” keeps with Max’ refusal to follow any sort of production blueprint. A simple chord progression paces the emotive tune, but such attention is paid to every melancholy click and bleep with each new layer supporting each other, that it adds an immense amount of musical weight. “Adrift” is the first single to be released off of Max Cooper’s forthcoming debut LP, and will be available for purchase on December 16. However, you can preorder the album here to guarantee it hits your music player on release day. For now though, you can cop the stream above.

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