I love this gig. I really do. There’s a secret satisfaction in hearing something that you know will catch on way before the masses are aware of it, and x1988 is one of those albums that is bound to hit it big. With an interesting blend of down tempo beats, ambient sound, piano overlays and haunting melodies, Pakistani artist Talal Qureshi creates an album that is moody, atmospheric and sometimes dark, but not without enthusiasm and energy.

The first track “Leave My Hand” opens with broken down piano chords over a simple down tempo beat. When I first listened to this track I was in a desert during a monsoon. The track matched the scenery perfectly–dark desert skies,bleak landscape and torrential rain. “Juicy#2” follows in spirit, staying on the darker side of the spectrum with a simple beat, atmospherics, the signature piano riffs and a sitar sample, which I found fitting.

In contrast to the slower tracks “Blinds and Sheets,” and “Clubbing in Multan” provides the listner with more up tempo, driving electro songs. I’m not much of a dancer, but these songs had me bobbing along as I listened and never passed into the frenzied feel that accompanies some styles of electro.

The album is a good one for download, and with a 5 dollar suggested price tag, it’s definitely worth skipping that Starbucks run and downloading this album instead. The first two tracks are gratis and can be listened to here.

ps. We’ve also included a trapstep release from Quershi available on soundcloud for your consumption!

’Talal Qureshi – x2x2x’
’Talal Qureshi – Embrace’
’Talal Qureshi – Inertia’
’Talal Qureshi – Energy’
’Talal Qureshi – Clubbing in Multan’
’Talal Qureshi
Blinds and Sheets’
’Talal Qureshi x Meesha Shafi – Dhol Bajay Ga (Official Remix)’
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