Campsite Dream
Try Again

Campsite Dream takes a bit of a different direction with their new single, and we’re not mad one bit. You can’t really look down upon an artist when they try something new. When the result is something desirable, then that’s a beautiful thing. “Try Again” is Campsite Dream’s beautiful thing in that scenario.

There won’t be any need for do-overs with this single. “Try Again” is a fun little jam that Epic Amsterdam dropped in late June. The song has been making its rounds since then with praise coming from all over. Campsite Dream has dipped into the pop style before, but now it seems to have been a full fledged target, however other styles are certainly implemented within the composition. Because it is Summer, most acts are bringing out the heavy, fun tunes, but there are those who are looking to just bring out some good vibes, including Campsite Dream. Stream “Try Again” today and head over to iTunes for a copy if you dig the song.

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