01 Evoke & Laura Brehm

Somewhere, somehow, Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello’s ears are burning. They can’t quite understand this collective metaphysical phenomenon, but they pay close attention, none the less. That burning is people listening to “Weightless” from Evoke and Laura Brehm. That burning is the realization that their influences have crafted something ethereal and stunning, as beautiful and harmonic as anything we’ve heard as of late.

Yes, Boulder-based Evoke are considered electronic, but they’re far from seeing playtime on dancefloors. Their form of electronica lies in luscious layering of thoughtfully crafted pieces, articulately overlain, one by one. Vocal harmonies accentuate this computer-driven creation, leaving us with a toothy grin, listen after listen.

This tune can be found on their Future Holds EP, which is now out via SectionZ records.

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