Digital Farm Animals
Didn't Know (Feat. Yasmin)

Over the course of the last few years, we’ve cultivated a pretty unique relationship with multifaceted London based electronic producer, Digital Farm Animals. While his last official release under the Digital Farm Animals handle was a funky, dance-pop re-imagining of Lily Allen’s “Air Balloon” just under a year ago, which in the time-capsule that is our blogosphere can feel like a decade or more, the brain behind DFA (and a producing consultant at Sony Music), Nick Gale, has been bouncing beautiful tunes off of us behind closed doors in the time between releases. From straight to the club house tracks, to buoyant slices of electronica, Digital Farm Animals effortlessly carries a deft touch within basically every music structure it encounters. The latest official addition into the DFA library, “Didn’t Know”, is a slower burning fusion of R&B along with dance elements culled from a multitude of niche genres. Featuring a silky and soulful vocal from fellow Londoner Yasmin, “Didn’t Know” reveals yet another astutely executed layer to DFA’s constantly evolving aural aesthetic. Hopefully this snowball’s worth of a single accumulates into an avalanche of new music by year’s end, as we are one of the few resources in the know in regards to the upstart producers seemingly constant flow of superb electronicism. Get in on the secret and stream “Didn’t Know” above.

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