If football stadiums allowed for more graphic shit talking language, this would be the perfect showdown sports song as opposed to the over-played/over-cheesed “Who Let The Dogs Out” by The Baja Men. South Rakka‘s remix of Diplo and Lil Jon’s “U Don’t Like Me” put easily is one bad ass, crunky, loud, mo’fo’ track! Complete with everything from loud guitar riffs, dub lines (compliments of Diplo) and Lil Jon‘s signature screaming to get you in the head banging mood, this song was made to be played on 11 with the bass turned all the way up.

Warning: Not for the sound sensitive. You may feel the sudden urge to break things and run into walls while listening to this.

Diplo ft. Lil Jon – U Don’t Like Me (South Rakkas Remix)

’South Rakkas Remix’
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