Kygo Feat. Parson James
Stole The Show (iSHi Remix)

As this writer pens this post from a wintery wasteland in Denver today, I couldn’t help but feel the bounce from Stockholm’s iSHi. Kygo’s original track “Stole The Show” has already made the viral rounds with its standard chart-topping Tropical-House gleam, but on his latest revision, iSHi rides an inverse wave and flips it into his own gritty blend of larger than life electro sounds and hip-hop infused cadence. Quickly entrenching himself in the minds of dance fans worldwide behind anthems like his Pusha T. featuring “Push It”, it’s clear to see why as iSHi manages to tastefully craft a tune that is completely his own brand of wobbly, boisterous dance music, while pitching out the vocals and keeping intact the perfect amount of original stem work so as not to alienate those Kygo diehards either. Step up your Tuesday for a moment with iSHi’s “Stole The Show” remix above.

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