This is a mellow little EP from upstart artists Plaid Dragon. It’s got some promise as a cult favorite, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one of the songs from Dog Physics featured in a Sundance Film Festival winner.

The opening track “Dog Physics,” features a breathless, girlish vocalist almost whispering over a gentle finger-picked acoustic guitar. In the background is what sounds like a synthesized string instrument gently pulling notes back and forth. This pleasant lullaby drifts just long enough, followed by a brief but triumphant burst of percussion and sonic guitar. The song then settles gently back to a lullaby.

“Sond” opens with high chords on an ukulele, accompanied by some impressive high notes from the vocalist, before giving way to simple percussion and melody. Similar to “Dog Physics,” “Sond” gently rocks the listener back and forth, ending with delicate piano.

This is a great little EP to listen to while unwinding, but also offers the listener a lot to consider on the second and third listening. A solid debut! Head over to their Bandcamp page and pick it up!

’Plaid Dragon – Dog Physics’
’Plaid Dragon – Sond’
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