Normally, I’m luke warm about electro-pop. Normally, I’m less than luke warm with emotive, lovesick lyrics. But that’s just normally, and Seasfire isn’t normal!

I’ll start with the electro pop comment: a lot of times, electro pop is a mechanical combination of instrumentals, electronically produced beats and a solid-to-very good vocalist singing out safe melodies over a simple tune with a lot of bass. Seasfire provides a different interpretation on what electro-pop should be.  “We Will Wake,” has the artists using electronic instruments and piano to set the beat, allowing the drums to accent the piece until the chorus. “How Do You Sleep” demonstrates a more traditional rock structure by letting the percussion set the beat for the piece and allowing the piano to create the melody. The difference is subtle, but notable. These lads from Bristol are trying some different things, and experimentation is a mark of bravery in a freshman EP, particularly when it’s done well (see my review of Denver’s Native Daughters for a parallel.)

And something must be said about the lyrics. Seasfire’s lyrics are emotive, dramatic and even over the top: “Undone” smolders more than most R&B songs I’ve heard, and might be silly from a different vocalist.It works though.

The lead vocalist has a smoky, breathless sound—think Mute Math, but sexier—and isn’t afraid to allow his British accent to peak through (his pronunciation of “dance” for example). The overall effect is probably going to be a lot of women’s underwear flung on stages, particularly when they hear this vocalist accompanied by an electric guitar on “You Wont Be.”  I mean, I’m a straight dude with a live-in girlfriend and I would definitely help the lead singer of Seasfire move if he asked based on the vocal work on “You Wont Be” alone.

Seriously. It’s ok to admit when another man is attractive. But for the record, I do have a live in girlfriend.


Check this new EP out. It’s good stuff!

’We Will Wake’
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