Big Girls Cry (ODESZA Remix)

Please, for the sake of making this day an even more incredible one, stop what you are doing and pay attention to what we have for you ninjas today. Any time we come across the name ‘ODESZA‘ we already know that we are about to experience something of epic proportions. In fact, ‘epic’ might not even be the right word to describe such beauty. Today, ODESZA unleashed their latest remix and this time they decided to take on the majestic wonders of the beautiful Sia and her song, “Big Girls Cry”. Filled with every Odesza-esque element, transcending frequencies, and ethereal vibes, these guys continue to push their sound to new levels and create something entirely refreshing. With its ambient resonance and spectacular sound design, ODESZA elevates our minds and takes us to our own peaceful place while Sia serenades us with her enchanting voice. You won’t be able to listen to this without escaping reality because you’ll be floating along these celestial beats that carry your soul from one cosmo to the next.

This might be the best Friday we have had in a good minute, so kick back, relax, and glide along with ODESZA for the rest of the day.

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