Anyone who has viewed the UKF Youtube channel can tell you that the video comments section is like the Elephant Graveyard, you should never go there, plain and simple. Whether it’s a bunch of adolescents trolling or self-proclaimed experts firing up over pointless arguments over genre, it’s fair to say that it doesn’t exactly present the greatest reflection of humanity. In fact, there is even a Facebook group dedicated to sharing the best of these facepalm-inducing comments which is good for a laugh or two.

With all that said, SKisM has come out with a response which apart from being one of the most kickass EDM music videos I have ever seen, also serves as the perfect counter to all those crusaders for musical purity, fighting their war against incorrectly labelled genres one keystroke at a time. The animated sequence is mind-blowingly awesome, with cameo appearances from Skrillex, Zomboy, Eptic, Excision and of course, SKisM himself, which would make for the most badass superhero film you could imagine. Nonetheless, beyond the sick visuals and heavy basslines, when it comes down to it the message SKisM is trying to send here is simple. We all need to stop the fighting and enjoy the music for what it is

…or else you’ll eat a barrage of missiles to the face. You’ve been warned.

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