Are you feeling overwhelmed at Miami Music Week? So many shows, so many parties, not enough time? Let us make it simple for you tonight young Padawans…go to Basement. Art Department, Dennis Ferrer, and Jimmy Edgar are offering to coddle you under their aural wings and whisk you away. Resign your mind from the ruckus when your pool parties are done. Kindly excuse yourself from the Ultra flock when the last fireworks have been ignited. Embrace a new experience where you can dance, bowl a spare, and stick a triple sow-cow all in the same venue. Resident Advisor’s first Miami party since 2010 is a rare and elusive ticket that will leave the insiders breathless and outsiders bridled. Grab your passes here and thank us tomorrow.

’Art Department – The Hunt’
’Dennis Ferrer Feat. Janelle Kroll – Mind Ur Step (Original Mix) – Defected (2013)’
’A2. Footprintz – Dangers Of The Mouth (Jimmy Edgar Remix)’
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