Tomorrow night the Mile High City welcomes in one of our personal favorites, Sir Sly. This Los Angeles based trio has an eclectic fusion of sounds, fusing various forms of electronica, rock, folk and soul. We’re not sure how it will all translate into a live performance, but we can assure you this – we’re pretty god damn excited.

The venue for this show couldn’t be better, taking place at the Larimer Lounge. While it’s a bit divey, it’s atmosphere is going to be ideal for a show like this. So, if you’re in the Denver area, make sure to head out there. We’ll be there with big, toothy grins on our face.

Pick up your tickets here, and come join us.

’Sir Sly – Miracle’
’Sir Sly – Ghost’
’Sir Sly – Gold’
’Sir Sly – Easy Now’
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