If you’ve been following our blog for a few months, you know that Meg Myers is one of our favorites. Between an ever-so-entertaining interview filled with silly antics and hilarity, to listing her as one of our Top Up-and-Coming Indie Artists to watch out for on Staged Incident, there’s no mystery that we dig her musical stylings.

We recently headed out to LA for a ninja vacation. The trip in and of itself was fantastic. Great food, copious amounts of adult beverages, Disneyland (!), and the beach. All of that was good and well, but the pinnacle of the trip came at the Bootleg Theater in Silverlake. Amongst the sea of hipsters, my friend and I ordered Mama’s Little Yella Pilsner and awkwardly waited for Meg to come on. We’ll venture out and say this: Meg has only been performing at this level for a short time, but her stage presence is already well-defined. She knows how to work the crowd, while still maintaining a reserved composure.

Her set was brief, as she doesn’t have a lot of music recorded, but what we saw was enchanting. She ranges from softer tracks like “After You,” to more aggressive tracks like “Curbstomp.” While her vocal range is tested throughout the set, she always maintains a dark, mysterious aura that lures the crowd in. We were able to sing along with most tracks, but one caught us off gaurd. Meg played a new track called “Heart Heart Head.” This track should be laid down in the studio in the next month or so, so keep your ears peeled. It was fantastic.

Catch Meg Myers this Monday at the Bootleg in Silverlake. The show is free, but worth so much more.

’Meg Myers – After You’
’Meg Myers – Curbstomp’
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