’Stars – Asleep (Smiths Cover)’

Even writing this, it’s hard to believe that Canadian synth-pop stalwarts (and quasi Broken Social Scene offshoot) Stars are nearing their twentieth year in existence. Once supplying some of this writer’s favorite sugary sweet, heartfelt pop tunes, Stars have managed to carve out one of the most endeared fan bases in any stretch of music, and last week, your Ninja faithful were privy to another stirring performance from our Northern friends. Stars, who are touring on the heels of 2017’s excellent There Is No Love in Fluorescent Light, and a pair of exciting singles to pace the first half of 2018, trotted out to rapturous applause before diving straight into aforementioned LP’s lead single “Flourescent Light”.

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Clearly well-rehearsed and in perfect sync with their crowd, the five-piece were step-for-step with each other, playing in excellent harmony while commanding the crowded room. Standouts from their immense, two-decade spanning catalog were next, as nearly everyone in the GA pit belted out every reverberation that co-vocalists Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan threw out to “Alone”, “Ship to Shore”, and “Elevator”.

For nearly two hours, Stars treated the Mile-High City to more than enough live exuberance and effort to warrant their fans’ presence and reaffirm themselves as one of the world’s most powerful synth-pop acts in existence. It was a heartfelt close and encore as Stars “finished” on “No One Lost” before dipping back out for a three song encore which included “We Call It Love” and “Ex Lovers”.

We’re beyond excited to have caught Stars in our home city, living up to, and even exceeding much of this writer’s performance expectations. Check out the rest of Stars’ complete tour dates from the poster above, and be sure to snag a ticket when they come through your city.

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