Slow Magic at The Independent in SF. Photo cred: Justin Yee (@yeesus)

Slow Magic at The Independent in San Francisco. Photo cred: Justin Yee (IG: @yeesus)

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Brazil (Slow Magic Remix)

In support of his stellar new album, Slow Magic launched the How to Run Away tour last week with over 20 U.S. dates scheduled between now and mid-October. Two of our ninjas had the pleasure of covering a couple of the tour’s earliest stops and were both blown away by the energy of the performance. Read each of their accounts below and check out the mysterious producer’s upcoming tour dates here. In case you missed it, you can also read our recent interview with Slow Magic here.

09/11 at The Independent in San Francisco, CA:

When going to an electronic show, there’s always anticipation as to how an artist is going to translate their music to a live set. Slow Magic proved that he’s mastered this conversion at The Independent in the first show after the official release of his album. His stage setup involves three large, transparent drums along with an electronic controller. Clad in his awesome LED-laden, color-shifting mask, Slow Magic spent the majority of the show working the drums adding a sort of tribal energy to his songs.

What was most impressive about the performance, though, was his connection with the crowd through the mask. Without uttering a single word the entire show, he was able to convey a personality inseparable from the music and interact with fans in ways that few artists we’ve ever seen have. In addition to bringing one of his drums into the crowd multiple times, Slow Magic brought one audience member, who was wearing a cardboard rendition of the mask, on stage offering him a drum stick to join the performance. Considering how early it is in his career, the potential for Slow Magic’s growth as a performer, and artist, seem limitless. – Ash


Slow Magic at Soda Bar in San Diego

09/13 at Soda Bar in San Diego: 

Slow Magic was nothing short of amazing at the Soda Bar. Being one of the headliners for San Diego Music Thing, Slow Magic brought down the house with an epic performance. The talented musician opened with “Still Life”, the first track off his new album, and immediately got the crowd going. He remained his mysterious, yet mystic image, by putting on his signature mask which lights up and changes color throughout the show. Even though everyone was packed in such a condensed venue, there was never a dull moment in this performance.

Slow Magic let his music do all the talking, despite not verbally speaking to anybody in the whole duration of his performance. Sweat and tears were exhausted and the crowd completely forgot about the energy-draining heat surrounding the arena. He was up on stage for well over an hour, and his encore performance consisted of three or more tunes. Needless to say, Slow Magic gave his 110%, and watching him work his magic on stage is probably the single most epic thing we’ve encountered. – Ivan

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