Jonathan Visger, the sole and incredible talent behind Absofacto, does not just create sound. Absofacto creates experiences that extend beyond the electronic and into an uncautiously experimental world that is deeply rooted with genuine emotion. His latest release, ‘Lies’ is a beautiful, soft, borderline-playful-yet-dark delicacy of sparkly xylophone notes and longing vocals. While the instrumentation is electronic in nature, containing electric guitar riffs, keyboard and filtered groovy basslines, the entire process comes across very organic. Absofacto has the ability to induce emotion with his music in a way many fail, and quite truly that is what great music is all about. Follow him on facebook today.

Absofacto – Lies

’Absofacto – Lies.mp3′

You can DOWNLOAD this track from Absofacto’s Bandcamp

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