A few days ago we featured a single off of Moguai’s new LP, Mpire. Well, after a crazy trip on Beatport and The Hype Machine – we’re one of few that have been given a glimpse into some of the other tracks that will drop on Monday, the 30th.

It’s been two years since his last LP, and just one listen you’ll begin to understand why Deadmau5 insisted so strongly upon another one. Some tracks have a similar feel to Deadmau5 (which is meant in only the most complimentary way), and some tracks display a combination of that influence with Moguai’s own personal style as well.

This 13-track auditory journey is something you’ll definitely want to pick up. Make sure you bookmark this link, and check back in January 30th to pick it up.

Moguai – Heimaterde (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW)

’Moguai – Heimaterde (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW).mp3′

Moguai – Hush Hush – (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW)
’Moguai – Hush Hush – (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW).mp3′

’Moguai – Lyme – (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW).mp3′

Moguai – Spotify Exclusive Thrasher Disco – (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW)
’Moguai – Spotify Exclusive Thrasher Disco – (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW)’
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