the-temper-trap-sweet-disposition-rac-remixAustralia alternative rock band The Temper Trap does not need much of an introduction, their album Conditions released in 2009 was an immense success and was even nominated for Album of The Year in the Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards. As a fan of pretty much anything they have done, we have enjoyed a lot of the different remixes that have popped since. Today, we are proud to present an exclusive remix by dj/producer Andre Anjos, better known as RAC.
The remix features RAC‘s unique style of adding soft, tightly bound progression of synthesized melodies and sprinkled with an engaging bass line that is subtle enough to make the electronic notes stand out and leaving room for Dougie Mandagi’s vocals to gracefully breath.

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix)

’The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix).mp3′
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