Squelch & Clap’s 123MRK is an up-and-coming french electronic and dubstep artist who is known for his complex beats. His new single “Untroubled” is a perfect example of the style that has made him popular; with it’s broken rhythms, vocal samples, and synth leads it’s a crazy ride from start to finish.

Whenever I listen to electronic music I tend to do it when I’m driving, and “Untroubled” is perfect for that. The layering builds and builds, lead by vocal samples that sit on top of everything and imply melody to move the song. The broken rhythms that come in around the one minute mark really showcase the talent of 123MRK as a dub artist, dismantling the beat without disrupting its overall flow.

123MRK’s album “Refined Madness” is now availble here.

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