About a year ago, we featured an artist that did a pretty chill remix of a Ra Ra Riot Song. Well, here we are again talking about the same artist. Only this time, there’s no remix to talk about, just a pretty stellar album of singles that he’s recorded over the course of the year. Sinking Islands is a collection of his latest tracks, which are ordered according to when they were made.

If you haven’t heard Absofacto (aka Jonathan Visger) before this, just know that he’s a pretty sensational one-man recording artist. When he’s not the front man for Mason Proper, he spends his time in the studio churning out music. He’s been labeled as Experimental Pop, which is a broad-blanket way of saying he blends a lot of instruments and styles together, and makes it enjoyable by most. Anything from classic instruments, sampling, synthesizers and drum pads are intertwined with his haunting voice and craftily written lyrics to comprise each catchy track.

Absofacto – Nobody on the Subway

’Absofacto – Sinking Islands – 07 Nobody on the Subway.mp3′

Absofacto – The Breath and the Bell

’Absofacto – Sinking Islands – 02 The Breath and the Bell.mp3′

Absofacto – Gnat Years

’Absofacto – Sinking Islands – 03 Gnat Years.mp3′
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