BT - Le Nocturne De Lumiere
Featuring a change in time signatures half way through, a plethora (great word) of genre’s covered and more attention detail then the IRS – this track is nothing short of music magic. BT, real name Brian Transeau, created it for his album ‘These Hopeful Machines’ as a “proof concept”, showing his metric convultion technique – aka. mental time signature change. This creation kind of messes with my head a bit but it re-affirms how BT fits the bill as an artist.

Don’t expect to be bouncing around the room with this one – but instead take a moment out to appreciate this pretty immense work from BT.

BT – Le Nocturne De Lumiere

’Le Nocturne De Lumiere’

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Suggestion via twitter by @TronJeremy of Gotta Dance Dirty Blog

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