Hey kids, it’s Chris from dailybeatz.com here with a special guest post for my boy The Music Ninja as he drives from Florida to Texas with no cd player or ipod connection, suffering through each painful minute with nothing more than FM radio to keep him company. I sent this track to him last night because I thought he would go crazy over it, and sure enough he did. It’s from M+A, the Italian duo of Michele Ducci, 19, and Alessandro Degli Angioli, 22 and is one of the more interesting tracks I’ve heard in a while. The song is very sample based, but the samples are of keys, horns, harps, etc which makes for a really great sound all over a nice beat with some incomprehensible vocals thrown in to complete the circle. This track is from their upcoming album things.yes out this November. Hopefully we get to hear a little more from them before that.

M+A – Liko Lene Lisa

Liko Lene Lisa
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