There is something wholly nostalgic about outdated video technology; the colors feel a certain way, wrapping the image in a staticy, visual warmness. Working under the Pantha du Prince moniker, Hendrick Weber has dedicated his latest album, by name at the least, to the randomness and ambiguity in those images. Black Noise takes on a limited tonal range, nothing fluctuating too far beyond the muted tones of microhouse’s 4-4 beat and a minimalist affinity for found/oddball percussion. Instead, he allows synth lines, organic percussion, unusual samples, and monolithic beats to cross over into each other’s auditory space, creating a blurred line between elements that make up an electronic composition. The result is eleven hypnotic tracks, each one a little masterpiece in its own right, that blend together to equal the inherent, random beauty of television static. Read full review at

Pantha Du Prince – The Splendour

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