Welcome to the dojo for the exclusive premiere of a brand new single from the 5Town Records signee EZI. Tomorrow her single “Afraid of the Dark” comes out, but we’ve got you covered with an early listen.

“Afraid of the Dark” is the title tracks for EZI’s upcoming EP. EZI does pop proper with this smooth original that is as memorable as it is engaging. It’s got a subtle groove to it that you can’t help but to sway to while EZI touches your soul with her sweet performance. If “Afraid of the Dark” is a sign of what’s to come on the full EP, then we’re going to have something very special on our hands.

I wrote my EP after having fallen into a period of depression so all of the songs on it are sort of about me navigating that experience. Afraid of the Dark was the last song I wrote for my EP (its also the title of my EP) and I wrote it when I was coming out of that particular period in my life. The “Afraid of The Dark” song is about how although I was relieved to feel more like myself, I was paranoid of falling back into that state of mind again. By the same token its also about how I weirdly missed the highs that came with being sad and self destructive.

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