Feed Me and his little green goblin avatar have become ubiquitous among dance music fans over the past few years thanks to his multi-genre, razor-sharp production style and keen sense of branding. Much like his mentor and label boss Deadmau5, Feed Me has put his music at the forefront of his image closely followed by a cute yet sinister cartoon identity. As the little green monster shows up on bills and social network profiles in place of the british human behind the music, Feed Me’s image builds from simply another great producer into the iconic status sought after by global brands and celebrities alike. As fascinating as this Daft Punk originated concept of anonymity is, it must be supported by great music if it is to succeed. Thankfully Feed Me also has this key aspect under his belt.

Feed Me’s third release is out now on Mau5trap Recordings and if you don’t have it yet you are missing out! In only 6 tracks he skillfully morphs his signature groaning, squeeling production style into nearly every club-slaying genre out there today while channeling a diverse array of sounds likely inspired by Knife Party, Skrillex and Deadmau5. On “Trapdoor” featuring pop punk singer Hadouken we get some heavy drumstep action, on “Relocation” he channels dreamy progressive sounds, “One Click Headshot” features an annoying Counterstrike sample but overcomes with the slamming moombacore beats that follow, “Embers ft. Lindsay” features a nice vocal electro style and “Trichitillomania” brings it home with slamming electro house flavors. All things considered this is a diverse and well rounded effort that is sure help elevate Feed Me’s status even faster to the upper echelon of producers in the world today.

Download “Escape From Electric Mountain” on Beatport here.

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