Do you hear what we hear? It’s the sweet, sweet sound of festival season and it’s about time we get our eyes, ears, and minds ready for another year of sensational performances, overpriced beer, conflicting line-up times, and shower-less days to make us smell like regret the next morning. If you’re anything like us over here at TMN, then you understand just how important festival season is to us. Come on, who doesn’t love to spend hours upon hours of our weekends listening to some of the most talented artists from around the world while also connecting with like-minded individuals at the same exact time? Well, considering they’re not a wook…(please¬†see THUMP article for more information on how to spot and avoid said wook).

With Coachella making it’s first pit stop this weekend and later this month, we can’t help but pack our bags a few weeks in advance because we’re prepared to take on this years Coachella head on. Clearly, we’re just really excited, but not because festival season is finally here, but because we just realized that we are 7 weeks shy of attending the latest and greatest gig, Lightning in a Bottle. Stationed out in the beautiful Bradley, California, LiB is back again and this time with loads of talent and entertainment that’ll rattle your bones and change your life all at the same time. We missed last years festivities and after listening to everyone and their mom (literally) tell us that LiB was the best thing to have ever happened to their lives, we can’t help but shed a million tears for not being present in the moment with some of the world’s most positive and uplifting people on this planet.


This years line-up features talent from nearly every continent on the globe such as: Flume, Zion I, Hermitude, STWO, Bakermat, Goldroom, Odesza, Tycho and the list goes on. Lightning in a Bottle has certainly stepped up their game by bringing some of today’s leading artists to the forefront of this line-up along with the leading up and coming acts such as TastyTreat, SNBRN, Lindsay Lowend, Wolf ¬†+ Lamb, etc. The contrast between these artists and their style of music brings a boat load of diversity to LiB, which gives us all a place to let go and vibe like never before – without a single care in the world. Unlike other festivals, LiB is centered around mind, body, and spiritual interconnectivity, such that each and every individual is given the opportunity to express themselves however they want to represent themselves. This isn’t a fashion show nor a place to show off all of your H&M crop tops and floral headbands, so if you’re just looking for a place to be cool, then LiB might be the perfect place to give you a little reality check. So before you hop on the bandwagon, make sure you’re prepared for the ultimate soul shift of a lifetime because you will 100% come back with an altered state of mind. Check out this years trailer and feel the goosebumps take over your skin and make you feel some type of way.

If you find yourself inspired by this festival and all of it’s wonders, then hey – now’s your chance to grab yourself some tickets because WHY NOT? We’re pretty sure you need to spend 4 days away from the world and connect with your inner self. If you’re STILL not sold, then check out our LiB 2015 Playlist and let your spirit guide you to the link posted above. See you in la la land, ninjas.

’Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)’
’Sia – Big Girls Cry (ODESZA Remix)’
’Stwo – Syrup’
’Cathedrals – Want My Love (TastyTreat X BLACK MONDAY Remix)’
’Kite String Tangle – Stone Cold (Hermitude Remix)’
’SNAKEHIPS – Forever (Pt. II) Feat. Kaleem Taylor’
’Spoon – Inside Out (Tycho Remix)’
’little people – Enola’
’Goldroom – Till Sunrise’
’RL Grime – Always’
’Polica – Smug’
’Bakermat – Another Man (Original Mix)’
’SNBRN – Raindrops Feat. Kerli (Original Mix)’
’Griz – It’s All Good (ft. Jessie Arlen)’
’KOAN Sound x Culprate x Asa x Sorrow – Mosaic’
’Mr. Carmack – Roller (Lindsay Lowend Remix)’
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