DNP_5253It’s particularly sad to say goodbye to Treasure Island Music Festival. Not only does TI mark the end of the summer festival season, but it’s also a true breathe of fresh air from the oft-overwhelming mega events that have come to dominate the space. With relief from the typical pains of festivals –trouble meeting friends, overcrowded stages, set conflicts and the list goes on–we always walk out of TI refreshed and this year was no exception. Overlooking the San Francisco skyline, Treasure Island’s serenity never fails to amaze us and it didn’t hurt that the weather was pretty much perfect all weekend.

The clear-split lineup that highlighted electronic/hip-hop on Saturday and alternative rock/pop on Sunday gave each day a vibe all its own. Take a trip back with photos and songs from the two different, but equally enjoyable, days.

All photos by Dominic Powell unless otherwise stated. 

The Debut of Viceroy’s Summer Jam Bringing Out the Sun


’St. Lucia – Closer Than This (Viceroy Remix)’

The clouds were still looming when Viceroy took the stage early on Saturday with an ensemble of musicians for his first ever live show (dubbed “Viceroy’s Summer Jam”). Just in time, the sun emerged along with the set’s bright, tropical vibes full of unreleased tunes.

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Gorgon City’s Breathtaking Live Set


’Gorgon City – Ready For Your Love ft. MNEK’

While Viceroy warmed up the crowd, Gorgon City truly got the dance party going. Their live ensemble included drums, an incredible keyboardist, DJs and active vocalists who contributed both hype and flawless singing. Both long-time fans and casual onlookers were grooving for what was undoubtedly one of the most memorable sets of the weekend.

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Shamir’s Sass-Filled Showmanship


Shamir Bailey brought all the attitude of his colorful debut album, Ratchet, to life. Strutting the stage with the accompaniment of his live band, Shamir truly owned Treasure Island for the entirety of his 45 minutes in the spotlight.

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STS9’s Epic 45-Minute Jam Session


’STS9 – Inspire Strikes Back’

As an avid STS9 fan, I wasn’t sure what to expect out of a condensed set from an electronic jam band who normally play for at least 3 hours. Luckily, they basically packed as much energy as they possibly could into their short set making for a literal non-stop flow of energy. It was pretty evident that the Saturday crowd, a pretty accurate reflection of the day’s lineup, wasn’t necessarily familiar with the tribe prior but they surely left an impression.

The HudMo Boom

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’Hudson Mohawke – Ryderz’

Hudson Mohawke brought a full band to help do his bombastic soundscapes justice seemingly shaking the entire island. While his solo material–from “Fuse” to “Shadows”–proved potent, he made sure not to leave out his TNGHT material either closing emphatically on “Higher Ground.”

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FKA Twigs’ Hypnotizing Stage Presence


Those unfamiliar with FKA Twigs likely found themselves confused at the start of her set with the haunting lights, heavy bass and her equally eerie falsetto to match. As the set continued, though, FKA Twigs’ stole the show with her unsettling, hypnotizing performance on the main stage. Even more impressive than her voice was the way she intertwined it with sensual interpretative dance.

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Big Grams Dropping “Ms. Jackson” and Bringing Out RTJ


’Big Grams – Fell In The Sun’

Of all the weekend’s shows, Big Grams had the most palpable crowd energy for their first ever collaborative performance. Likely as a result of countless hours spent in the studio, there was an undeniable on-stage chemistry between Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter of Phantogram and hip-hop legend Big Boi. Just as some fans started to file out seeking a good spot for Deadmau5, the immediately recognizable “Ms. Jackson” emerged stopping everyone in their tracks. Sarah’s vocal accompaniment worked surprisingly well over the classic, which was swiftly followed by a Run The Jewels guest appearance to perform our favorite Big Grams tune, “Born to Shine.”

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deadmau5 – “You There?”


Equipped with his stunning dome, deadmau5 took the Treasure Island audience on a unique electronic journey. Rather than provide instant and immediate gratification, which would have been a cake walk with his catalogue, deadmau5 carried out songs in such a way that almost toyed with fans–lulling the crowd with extended interludes before exploding into euphoria or deep dance grooves. “You There?” played as the dome slowly opened backed by an oscillating lifeline visual proving the best example of that technique.

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Lower Dens – “Ondine”


’Lower Dens – Ondine’

Lower Dens helped kick off a Sunday full of talented bands with a powerful set breathing new life into their phenomenal album Escape From Evil. Lead singer Jana Hunter’s impressive vocal range stood out during their performance.

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Father John Misty’s Mid-Set Man Bun Demonstration


’Father John Misty – Bored In The USA’

Father John Misty easily took the award for most animated performer of the weekend frolicking endlessly around the stage while delivering a flawless set. At one point between songs, he self-narrated as he tied up his locks into the classic man bun. Another memorable point came when he grabbed a fan’s phone and took an extended video of himself while performing.

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The View from the Silent Disco


Amidst a Day 2 full of alternative rock, the Silent Disco served as a bit of a retreat back into the electronic vibes of Saturday. Looking out on to the Bay under rays of sunlight hearing only the music in your headphones–in this case, a medley of Beatles mash-ups–was a surprisingly meditative change of pace.

The War On Drugs – “Red Eyes”


’The War On Drugs – Red Eyes’

The War On Drugs’ “Red Eyes” has stuck with us more than any other single song from the weekend’s festivities but their whole set was packed with uniquely incredible emotion.


Retribution for Chvrches


’CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace’

After missing their set at Outside Lands Music Festival last year, Chvrches redeemed themselves and then some with their performance at Treasure Island. After declaring they had broken their SF “curse,” they ripped through their countless electro-pop hits. They almost felt more fit for the Saturday crowd but ended up serving as a welcome deviation that got everyone moving.

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Lauren Mayberry Joining The National for “I Need My Girl”


The National provided a sultry closing to the weekend with their often heart-wrenching sound. As the set closed, lead singer Matt Berninger brought out the Chvrches front woman for a beautiful duet of “I Need My Girl,” our favorite song by The National.

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Cashmere Cat

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Run the Jewels

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Panda Bear

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