Our 2011 favorite american dubstep producer just was not happy enough with all of the releases this year. Figure just had to give us more, and that is what sets him apart from the rest.

Today we have two separate releases that are worth getting for yourself for Christmas. Last week a new clip pop’d up on his soundcloud teasing us with a remix of ‘Pick Your Poison’ by Diplo & Datsik feat. Kay. A massive teaser with devastating build ups and a drop that quite honestly, Figure has mastered. You can get Pick Your Poison Remix EP today on Beatport along with remixes from DalePlay, Detroit Muscle and Swizzymack.

Beatport: Diplo & Datsik Feat. Kay – Pick Your Poison (Figure Remix)


Saving the best for last, ‘Must Destroy’ is Figure’s latest original and perhaps this is the most aggressive track to date. Completely mental, the track is an extensive and extreme dubstep track that bordelines coming across brostep-ish, yet its production and style points to something greater. Figure has always been able to go filthy without it becoming overbearing with enough breaks to let the track breath.

Beatport: Figure – Must Destroy


Buy Pick Your Poison and Must Destroy on Beatport today, and if the above was not enough incentive, Figure will be donating all proceeds from Must Destroy to charity. He has given us so much this year, please support the artist.

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