Over the last week or so Candyland uploaded their entire Bring The Rain EP and it’s nothing short of amazing. This incredible debut EP will get released tomorrow on Spinnin’ Records.

The first track we are featuring is “Beneath Myself” and it has Ethan Davis on vocals. The progression in this one is flawless, utilizing a catchy melody during the intro. Then dropping into mind blowing Drumstep section that hits at all the right times. Next is “Castle Of Affair”, which is arguably the best song the EP, but we will leave that up to you. Peter Dawson is on vocals, and mixed with the euphoric Dub in this song, it is sure to leave you satisfied. The self titled track “Bring The Rain” has sexy vocals from Lexi Forche and some absolutely insane Electro. Just when you think this can’t get any better, they have a massive Moombah tune with Big Chocolate. The last two tracks, “Get Wild” and “All You You Gotta Do” are just incredible as the rest, so just sit back and enjoy this incredible EP. Also be ready for a Bring The Rain Remix EP some time in the future, lots of big things to come for Candyland in 2013. Cheers.

To buy the Bring The Rain EP, CLICK HERE. 

’Candyland – Beneath Myself (Original Mix)’
’Candyland – Castle of Affair (ft. Peter Dawson)’
’Candyland – Bring The Rain (ft. Lexi Forche)’
’Candyland & Big Chocolate – Its A Shark (Original Mix)’
’Candyland – Get Wild (Original Mix)’
’Candyland & MakO – All You Gotta Do ft. Maksim (Original Mix)’

Release date is January 21st via Spinnin’ Records 

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