With crashing waves of indie rock goodness, Brooklyn based sextuplet Fishdoctor are ready to win you over with their infectious sound. In a scene populated by numerous good acts, these surf rock crooners have plenty to offer standing next to the best of the dormitory of New York, creating feel good melodies and dance inspiring tempos.

Today we’re bringing you a brand spankin’ new tune called “Jackets,” which highlights lead singer Michael Romano’s vocal range. Carrying swelling guitars, and lyrics that just make you want to grab your friends and sing along, this new release maintains it’s weight in pop familiarity, creating an urgency to get up and enjoy life.

‘Jackets’ is the perfect sequel to their debut single, ‘Atlantic’, a jovial salute to the summer! Press play, find a beach and get ready for an early winter dance party. Hopefully it’s not too cold out there!

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