Six Feet Under by Folk Singer Louis Aguilar


I apologize. It is uncalled for putting up a sad folky mellow tune on a Monday. You might be already depressed for knowing that the weekend is over and this tune might not help you feel any better. But in the interest for GREAT music, I must continue. Six Feet Under is a bitter sweet song from French born folk singer Louis Aguilar, who know resides in Marshall, Missouri.

With a calm rusty voice, Louis shares a tale about a man who is going through an important change in his life. Whether it is a metaphorical change about life, or simply a much literal reference to death itself, Louis reminds us to enjoy life and all its glory. No matter what we are or believe in, the truth of it all is that life is short for a reason, so we can treasure every minute of it… and ill stop there before I sound too corny! Such a powerful tune can be found on his album Old Man Poems and much more on his myspace.

Louis Aguilar – Six Feet Under


[This Song was released under a CC license by Bad Panda Records.]

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