The spoken word is often harsh in sound, but Armand Margjenka’s rhythmic cooing brings moments of sincerity and invincibility. From the probing opener to the softer musings, ‘I’m riding on, I’m riding on, this feeling I’ve never felt before’ his passion never waivers. Taken from the debut album ‘Margo Margo’, ‘What a feeling’ is a noteworthy record for an artist who is about to whip up a storm.

The contrast between this release and his debut track ‘Alive’ released earlier this year, represents this small town guy’s diverse ability and musical adventure. There is no doubt he has embodied aspects of his childhood idols Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis, delving into the sounds of old greats and infusing them with his bricolage of modern genres. With the whole album online, go and become absorbed in a blissfully fine creation.

Armand Margjeka – What a Feeling

’what feeling’

Armand Margjeka – Alive
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