Even though the iTunes festival is a relatively new event in the increasingly saturated market, they’re certainly giving the big guys a run for their money. With roughly 60 artists playing over 31 consecutive nights at London’s Roundhouse, you’re sure to see something wonderful. For many, that will have been Dry The River, a folk rock five piece from East London.

Their gentle harmonic folk will lead you to something that can only be described as pure joy, a break down so intense and well crafted, it leaves you baffled as to how you progressed form start to finish. There is no more of a perfect example than ‘Lion’s Den’, 6.09 minutes in length and epically brilliant. The best scenario is seeing them live – the second best is buying their five track live iTunes EP. Plugging huge corporations isn’t really our thing, but this is a very deserved exception.

Previously: Dry The River – History Book

’Dry The River – History Book’
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