When Fleet Foxes released their debut album all the way back in 2008, no one could have predicted the insane levels of adoration they would receive from critics and the public alike. After playing an exhaustive amount of festivals, Robin Pecknold & co. took a while out to write and record their blinding new record ‘Helplessness Blues’ (listen to the the title track here). One of the highlights of the album is ‘Battery Kinizie’, a riotous piece of happiness the likes of which haven’t been seen since…well, the last Fleet Foxes record. Packed with guitar strums and those wonderful vocal harmonies, ‘Battery Kinizie’ will make you remember why you fell in love with Fleet Foxes in the first place. ‘Battery Kinizie’ is featured on the forthcoming album ‘Helplessness Blues’, available May 3 on Sub Pop Records.

Fleet Foxes – Battery Kinizie

’Fleet Foxes – Battery Kinizie’
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