Though the first few seconds of “Great Lakes” may have you second guessing Harlan Pepper for Mumford and Sons, these youngin’s surely clear up the confusion throughout the rest of the track utilizing unique timbres and an interesting combination of piano, banjo, and harmonica goodness. “Great Lakes” is a track off Harlan Pepper’s album “Young and Old” (almost symbolic itself considering these boys are barely out of high school yet they throw in classic bluegrass , country and blues –not so typical of teenagers and more of their elder musicians). And though I’m all accepting and appreciative of diversifying my own music taste with hints of bluegrass and folk music, “Great Lakes” is almost an ode to my 5th grade geography class back in my native Michigan. But there you have it –it’s a song for all ages (young and old), and is certainly an attractive lyrical piece. Just do not tell Harlan Pepper this song is inferior or they would probably tell you to jump in….yep, Lake Superior. Oh, geography class.

Harlan Pepper – Great Lakes

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