In the middle of an empty room sits two chairs. As you go to sit in one the other is filled by Dan Smith, half of the duo that makes up Listener. Music starts playing then the Atlanta native Dan Smith begins reciting off lyrics in spoken word no farther than 2 feet away from you. This spoken word, or as Listener likes to call it Lyrical Talk, track has the innate ability to bring that alone in the room facing the artist atmosphere that makes listening to this such a personal experience. No less incredible than the experience is the actual lyrical talent put into the words being spoken to you. The other Half of listener, the production connoisseur  hailing from Pahrump, NV is Christin Nelson. The accompanying video here is just the perfect fitting visual to the journey of this track. Listen to and buy more of their music on Listener’s bandcamp page.

’Wooden Heart’
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