Just writing the title to this blog post gave me major chills. If you’re anything like me and absolutely infatuated by Freelance Whales and Lucius then this is literally the best day of your life. Freelance Whales, a band that is very close and dear to my heart released their second studio album, Diluvia, in October. As if that wasn’t enough, Lucius, the Brooklyn based powerhouse released their EP earlier this year. It just so happens that Lucius was at a concert I recently reviewed and I fell in love with.

I was already in love with this song when I first read the title, but hitting play threw me into a whirlwind of magical glitter and unicorns and puppies. The track starts off with a funky guitar riff that gives you a whole new perspective of “Ghosting”. At first, you feel a little uncomfortable with what’s happening, maybe feeling a little unsure. But keep listening and you’ll start noticing the soft voices of Jess and Holly working perfectly together. Holly commented on the track saying, they “started by using [their] voices to emulate some of the original instrumental parts”. They definitely did this song justice not only by sounding stunning as always, but by thinking outside of the music box and creating their very own version of the song. Check it out below and follow Lucius on their tour here.

’Lucius – Ghosting (Freelance Whales Cover)’
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