Loch Lomond have been around for a while, releasing their debut ‘When We Were Mountains’ all the way back in 2004. Originally the solo project of Ritchie Young, this Portland group now has numbers to rival Arcade Fire, and have put out many records since their first. However, this new collection of songs wouldn’t have even happened had it not been for Young’s trip to the lush Oregon coastline with his girlfriend. Young had been suffering from an extended period of writer’s block because of living at the venue he runs in Portland, but some impromptu jams by the sea brought his writing talents back with a vengeance.

After waiting for deal with the now-failing EMI, the group decided to just go for it and record their new album ‘Little Me Will Start A Storm’, which features ‘Elephants & Little Girls’ as well as ‘Wax & Wire’, the single from the ‘Night Bats’ EP. Both of these songs are just the ticket- glorious folk-pop that will melt even the stoniest of anti-twee hearts. They glimmer with soft guitar and silky vocals, and bear the mark of a true song-writer. Clearly these tracks were worth waiting for Ritchie Young to smash through his writer’s block and create these little gems of lo-fi pop.

Loch Lomond may be named after one of Scotland’s most austere beauty spots, but this Americana-loving group are full of warmth, happiness and joyous melodies, and are a band more than capable of breaking the big time with these delightful tracks. ‘Little Me Will Start A Storm’ is out now on Tender Little Empire Records, and ‘The Bats’ EP is available through Hush Records.

Loch Lomond – Elephants & Little Girls

’Loch Lomond – Elephants & Little Girls’

Loch Lomond – Wax & Wire

’Loch Lomond – Wax & Wires’
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