Indie darlings Noah And The Whale’s rise to popularity has been meteoric, with three critically-acclaimed albums under their belts and an incredible fanbase in a just a snippet of time. Now French producer extraordinaire Yuksek has remixed one of the highlights of NATW’s third record. ‘Life Is Life’ is oddly joyous track, bursting with the kind of  little electro touches that are Yuksek’s hallmark. Charlie Fink’s vocals are given space to shine in the midst of the killer choruses, making this reboot of ‘Life Is Life’ a fantastic version of a brilliant tune. 

RAC’s mix of ‘Tonight’s The Kind Of Night’ is a bouncy take on the original, and once again allows Fink’s enthralling voice to stand out. A perfect track for dancing.

Noah And The Whale – Life Is Life (Yuksek Remix)


Noah and the Whale – Tonight’s the Kind of Night (RAC Mix)

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