Finally… The long awaited follow up to their 2009 debut, Yeah So, is here. Swapping alco-pops for single malt whiskies, Slow Club have gained a notable buzz of excitement about their obvious maturation. The Sheffield duo have taken a pensive path, replacing their cutesy adolescent fragility, for an exploration of life’s darker offerings.

Don’t get me wrong, they’ve still got plenty of folk-pop charm, it’s not all about the doom and gloom of post pubescent life. “I think we both wanted to move away from our obsessions on the first album, and look more at our families, and how the loss of someone you love can affect you … but we do still end up coming back to love and heartbreak, we can’t help it,” says Rebecca. ‘Two Cousins‘ introduces Paradise perfectly, with Charles and Rebecca’s intertwined haunting vocals and elegiac lyrics, probing the trials and tribulations of family life. With the video on repeat, it’s all about practicing the Charleston and impatiently waiting for their show to hit a nearby town, so we can lay down our moves.

Slow Club – Two Cousins

’01 Two Cousins.mp3′
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