Hailing from Brooklyn, indie folk-rockers Soft Landing—as you might have guessed—are quite a soft band. With arrangements as strong as fellow folk-rockers Grizzly Bear and Bright Eyes, the finesse that Soft Landing brings to the table is admirable to say the least, and it’s no surprise that they got picked up by a label as quickly as they did.

Delicacy does not even begin to describe the sound of “Pendleton Woolen.” The finger-plucked guitar work and controlled vocals produce this form of intimacy and delicacy rare seen in folk music today. You would have to go back to the earlier days of Iron & Wine, Blind Pilot, or perhaps Joe Purdy for something comparable to the intimacy of this song. Perhaps it is the sweat upon my brow from a hard day’s work, but there is something about “Pendleton Woolen” that just seems to relax every muscle in my body.

Soft Landing – Pendleton Woolen

’Pendleton Woolen’
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