I’ve been listening to a lot less folk than I was used to with my new love for electronic music but thanks to the guys at Indiecater Records, they reminded me that acoustic instruments paired with natural warm vocals will always have the upper hand.

Boca Chica, a Pittsburgh-based band, just recently released an EP on valentines day intentionally named ‘Valentine’. However, be careful listening to the first track ‘Lake Erie’ because the bombshell of harmonic vocals from lead signer Hallie Pritts might overstimulate your senses. The unassuming intro with the plucked banjo makes matters worse as the first 10 seconds made me think this was another typical slow bluegrass folk song … but Oh Lord!… when all the instruments start to come together and we are introduced to Hallie’s soothing vocals, the entire world seems like a nicer place, if only for just those precious seconds ‘Lake Erie’ is playing.

Boca Chica – Lake Erie

’Boca Chica – Lake Erie.mp3′

You can buy/stream their Valentine EP here

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